MiR Software

If you see MiR AMR’s as just a means of moving goods from A to B, chances are you haven’t yet discovered the full capability of MiR’s software. MiR’s software, consists of on-robot software and MiR Fleet – centralized fleet control software and MiR Insights that shares data you can use to optimize your AMR utilization.

Seize the potential of your AMRs

The MiR software is next generation software that helps you get maximum throughput of your AMRs. It enables your MiR robots to operate efficiently - individually and in large fleets.

The navigation of AMRs is better than ever with MiR Software: the robots can reroute smoothly, switch maps fast, and interact easily thanks to an enhanced user-interface and planner that optimize driving patterns and avoid bottlenecks.

When you want to optimize the usage of your MiR robots, MiR Insights help you visualize and analyze your fleet.

  • Increased robot performance
  • Enhanced cybersecurity
  • User-friendly UI
  • Open REST interface
  • Analyze and Visualize