Optimizing robot traffic with efficient fleet management

MiR Fleet offers centralized control of robots from a single station, throughout all your facility, thanks to an intuitive web-based interface. Programming and overseeing a diverse MiR robot fleet, equipped with various top modules, MiR Hooks, or accessories, becomes straightforward. Once programmed, the system autonomously prioritizes tasks and selects the most suitable robot based on position and availability.

Fleet management for optimized robot traffic

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Fast and central configuration of large robot fleets.

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Prioritization and selection of the robot which is best suited for a job

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Easy to integrate

Full featured REST-API for ERP/MES/WMS implementation.

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Enhanced cybersecurity according to IEC 62443 cybersecurity standard

Ease of use

The user-friendly web interface simplifies fleet management

Centralized robot control

The latest version of MiR Fleet incorporates improved cybersecurity according to IEC 62443 cybersecurity standard for industrial automation systems.

With an open REST API, MiR Fleet seamlessly integrates with ERP, WMS, and/or MES systems, facilitating broader coordination for internal logistics planning and operation. The user-friendly web interface simplifies fleet management, providing operators with seamless control and minimal training requirements.

MiR Fleet not only automates post-programming priorities and robot selection but also keeps operators informed about obstacles and barriers, guaranteeing a smooth and informed operational experience.

Experience the ease of scaling your MiR solution with MiR Fleet, ensuring centralized control and efficient fleet management for a streamlined and adaptable robotics solution.