Successful Deployment

The road to automation success requires a well-thought-out plan. We will look at the three critical stages of integrating flexible and scalable AMRs into a wide range of industries and workflows. Unlike traditional automation methods, AMRs offer a cost-effective and straightforward deployment process.

They can work seamlessly with your workforce. You can accelerate your journey to achieving your automation goals with confidence by following a systematic, step-by-step approach. Let us guide you through each stage to ensure you're ready for the next step in your automation journey with AMRs.

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A successful journey begins with an expert plan


Foundation for seamless automation transition


Start small, think big for success


Scale up for growing business demands

Navigating Your AMR Deployment Journey

1. Prepare

Before embarking on a mobile robot journey, it's important to set the stage for success. Start with internal discussions to understand your organisation's capabilities. This fundamental step will lay the groundwork for a seamless transition to automation.

2. Deploy

A prudent approach to automation is to think big but start small, especially if this is your first AMR deployment. Complexity increases as more robots are added, requiring considerations such as fleet management, integration and traffic flow. Start with an easy-to-deploy, high-return application to familiarise yourself with the process. Keep the ultimate goal of automation in mind to ensure a smooth expansion when the time is right.

Review the details of your application, taking into account project specifications, plant layout, fleet integration and service plans. Reviewing these key areas will keep you on course and prevent costly detours.

Conduct a thorough risk assessment to ensure worker safety throughout the deployment process. While the robot manufacturer ensures compliance with safety standards, integrators and end users must also adhere to appropriate policies and procedures.

3. Expand

With a successful proof of concept in hand, it's time to scale up to meet your growing business needs. Upskilling your workforce is a critical component of success. Easy-to-use AMRs provide an opportunity to enhance your employer brand and attract and retain skilled workers.

Choose an AMR that's easy to learn on a smartphone or tablet, empowering employees and fostering a sense of ownership. Encourage employees to compete for the role of AMR champion, becoming the go-to person for robot-related questions and opportunities. Leverage the education and training resources provided by the AMR manufacturer to ensure your workforce develops into proficient cobot operators.

Think big and scale

As you commence your AMR journey, you'll uncover new avenues for automating material transport within your facility. Collaborate with the right partner, launch a successful pilot program, and engage your workforce. This is just the beginning.

Explore the potential to scale the benefits of automated material transport with a fleet of MiR AMRs. Choose from a range of options, including footprint, payload, integrated top modules, and more.

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When you are ready to start your journey, you can leverage our global MiR Go partner network of over 250 partners, all experts in AMR automation and applications.

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We strongly recommend that all new customers start with an on-site demonstration of our robots in their facilities.

Empowering the workforce: Collaborative success with AMRs

Today's dynamic industrial landscape, the integration of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) is redefining how companies operate. By fostering a collaborative environment between human workers and advanced robotic technology, companies are achieving new levels of efficiency and safety.

Collaborative synergy between humans and AMRs

As technology advances, so does the potential for harmonious collaboration between human workers and AMRs. These cutting-edge robots are designed with a user-friendly interface, ensuring that employees can easily program and deploy them, even without prior programming experience. This simplicity encourages employee ownership and engagement, as they see these robots as valuable assets rather than disruptions.

Benefits of user-friendly and safe AMRs

AMRs play a key role in improving workplace safety by relieving workers of injury-prone or repetitive tasks. By taking over these tasks, AMRs not only reduce the risk of accidents, but also create a more conducive work environment. This shift allows human workers to focus on tasks that require critical thinking, problem solving and creativity.

Collaboration between workers and AMRs is not about replacing human labour, but rather augmenting it. By seamlessly integrating AMRs into the workforce, organisations are seeing improved productivity and efficiency across their operations. This collaborative approach is revolutionising the way work is done and setting a new standard for industrial processes.

The success stories of Kimball Electronics, Runnier and Forvia are compelling examples of how this collaborative synergy is reshaping modern manufacturing. Through user-friendly interfaces and stringent safety measures, AMRs are proving to be invaluable partners, working alongside human workers to achieve shared success.

Robot interface with robots in the background

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