MiR Insights is a cloud-based software that empowers customers to make data-driven decisions, allowing them to optimize their MiR robot fleet's performance and minimize downtime.

These insights can be leveraged to identify patterns in robot behavior, optimize mission flow, and reduce inefficiencies, ultimately resulting in increased productivity and improved ROI.

Visualize. Analyze. Optimize.

 Monitor fleet and robot data over long periods of time with Data Dashboards

  • Track your sites’ KPIs such as distance driven, completed missions, and robot utilization rate.

  • Identify when specific events occurred, such as abrupt WiFI signal changes or unexpected workflow interruptions to self-troubleshoot and maximize the uptime of your MiR robots.

  • Correlate data across multiple robots to analyze areas where you can improve the performance of your fleet and increase the overall productivity.

Get your robots’ activities throughout your facility visualized with Heatmaps

  • Detect areas with poor WIFI coverage or with overlapping access points to ensure that the robots operate efficiently and reliably

  • Monitor high-traffic areas during peak times of the day to optimize your usage of MiR robots and avoid potential bottlenecks

  • Find precise locations in your map where robots intersect more frequently to improve your mission planning and increase throughput.

Cloud API

Enhance your integrations with aggregated MiR Robots metrics retrieved from MiR Insights cloud API.