A leading manufacturer of AMRs

We are committed to optimizing user experience by developing user-friendly, flexible, and safe robots. Our mission is to assist companies in enhancing operational efficiency. Our autonomous robots are the next level of advanced mobile robotics, offering a swift return on investment, often within a year. These collaborative robots are revolutionizing various industries, including manufacturing and healthcare, by automating in-house transportation.

As pioneers in this field, we have witnessed a rapid global adoption of our unique and innovative robots. Mobile Industrial Robots is a globally recognized and ambitious company, driven by passionate employees who strive to make a difference and foster success and innovation in the robotics industry. With our extensive network of branch offices and dedicated distributors worldwide, we are eager to receive your inquiries and provide comprehensive support.

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MiR Core Values

At MiR, our Core Values form the foundation of our company and help guide us in our decision making. Our Core Values are essential for our success and serve as the lens through which we evaluate every business decision. Our commitment to these values, in both words and actions, builds a stronger MiR. They are the values that make us successful!

Can-do attitude

With a can-do attitude, we aim higher, execute with dedication, and celebrate triumphs. Ambitious and confident, we achieve extraordinary results together.


Dedicated to integrity and passion, we prioritize quality. Taking accountability, we communicate assertively, learn from feedback, and embrace growth.


Respecting all, we create a positive atmosphere. Open, honest communication empowers decision-making. We motivate and support with joy.


We are constantly up to date and on top of future technologies. We embrace changes and challenges. We are innovative, dynamic, curios, responsive and first movers.


MiR is a pioneer and a first-mover in the field of collaborative, autonomous mobile robots that are currently changing the way companies handle their internal logistics.

Corporate Responsibility

Mobile Industrial Robots is a leading manufacturer of autonomous mobile robots. As a responsible company, we believe in providing high-quality products that are produced under best-quality conditions for everyone involved in the process.

MiR is committed to promoting, creating and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace and we focus our commitments on individual people and society, e.g. via a close corporation with the educational system.
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Quality Policy

At MiR we integrate sustainability, quality, environment, and safety into every aspect of the organization. A zero harm policy is a natural part of the workday, as well as focus on continuously improve our work environment. MiR maintain a management system which is continuously improved accordingly to ISO Management systems and in compliance with the values of Teradyne group.

January 2023 Walter Vahey President Mobile Industrial Robots

Customer Focus

We build in quality throughout the product lifecycle & the entire value chain. We focus at meeting our internal & external customers’ expectations and measure the satisfaction.


It is an ongoing effort from all employees in MiR to improve our quality in our solutions, products and processes. We shall, continuously, improve the quality experienced by our customers.

Process Approach

We place priority on how things are done. We value process orientation as base for achieving our quality results.

Engagement of People

We train, involve and motivate all our employees to actively contribute to quality - in a better way. Quality is delivered through a pro-active focus from every employee.

Relationship Management

We use the knowledge about and experience of our suppliers, to develop partnerships and thereby foster improvement within performance and quality.


We set quality targets, use data and fact based analysis in our improvement of the quality in solutions, products and processes.