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At our core, MiR robots are open robot platforms, finely tuned for seamless integration into daily operations.

Internal transportation and material handling play a fundamental part in logistics success. The autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) from MiR can smoothly optimize these workflows.

The highly adaptable mobile robots can be deployed and redeployed in hours, and move anything from smaller parts to heavy loads and pallets. Regardless of location - production plants, warehouses, distribution centers or healthcare sector venues – the MiR robots always work safely alongside people.

MiR Robots

The Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) from MiR are designed to optimize productivity in logistics and manufacturing operations.

A complete solution

Top modules can be mounted on MiR robots to create a complete solution. Whether you need a robot that can tow carts or one that can lift and transport shelves or pallets, MiR has the out of the box solution for you.

With top modules from MiR deployed on your AMR fleet, you get single service offering for both your MiR robots and top modules

MiR Top Modules

Choose the optimal enhancement for your MiR robots from our versatile offering

Browse through +160 AMR solutions in MiR Go

When you are looking to customize your AMR solution, MiR Go serves as a powerful resource and inspiration hub. It houses applications and top modules tailored for seamless integration with MiR's suite of robots, delivering a substantial operational boost.

Seamless efficiency through our trusted software suite

Reliable software solutions are paramount for the optimal performance of your AMRs. MiR’s comprehensive offerings, including MiR Fleet, MiR robot software, and MiR Insights, provide leading-edge solutions that enhance the capabilities and intelligence of your robotic systems when you deploy and as you scale.