ER-FLEX - Automate repetitive tasks, empower your team
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Product Information

The ER-FLEX helps companies to automate internal logistics processes. The integrated software for developing smart applications means companies can use the ER-FLEX for many different tasks, such as:

  • Machine tending in a loop sequence (24/7-365) to reduce downtime;

  • Transporting and handling materials to reduce the burden of repetitive tasks and ensure traceability; and

  • Replenishing supplies so employees can spend their valuable time solving other tasks.

As well as addressing the labor shortage and reducing the cost of automation for companies of any size, the ER-FLEX enables a quick and easy switch between functions so that users who have no previous programming experience can put the robot to work in a matter of minutes.


  • Integrated vision system
  • Status light indication system for complete robot
  • Integrated safety/E-stop system for complete robot
  • Fixing plate with M6 threads for attaching accessories
  • Modular and flexible: easy to adapt to your application

Technical lnformation

  • Compatible with: MiR100 & MiR250


    • User interface for scheduling

    • Super-user interface for programming

    • Block-based drag-and-drop programming

    • Pre-programmed ‘blocks’ for ease of use

    • Customizable ‘blocks’ easy to do

    • Web-based interface that can be operated from your smartphone, tablet or computer


    • Calibration to markers (standard) – fast, reliable and precise calibration to 1 mm using markers, which are used on fixed positions, e.g., shelves

    • 2D object detection and template matching (standard) – eliminates the need for markers, used for objects placed on flat surfaces, e.g., tables

  • 3D object detection and pose estimation (optional extra) – AI algorithms used to define the position of objects and how to grasp them without the need for markers

Product Video

Company Description

Since 2016 Enabled Robotics has been on a mission to address the labor shortage and reduce the cost of automation for companies by innovating how robots are used.
We specialize in mobile manipulator robots that integrate mobile robots with robotic arms.
Our ER-FLEX product portfolio includes several types of collaborative mobile robots, operating in areas from industry, warehouse management and production to service applications and hospital intralogistics.
Enabled Robotics is based in Odense, Denmark and is part of the national robot, automation and drone cluster – Odense Robotics. We make it easy for companies to automate internal
logistics processes with our ER-FLEX mobile collaborative robot and support from our talented team and distributors.