Elevate your productivity

Elevate your productivity of pallet movement with MiR600

Equipped with pallet lifts, the MiR600 can pick-up, transport and deliver pallets throughout your facility, completely autonomously. The MiR600 is designed to comply to the latest safety standards and is a safe alternative to forklifts.

With the power to move loads up to 600 kg, speed of 2 m/sec and the ability to quickly maneuver in crowded areas, the MiR600 offers you a way to optimize logistics workflows significantly.

Along with the powerful MiR1350, MiR600 is the first IP52-rated AMR in the market. With increased ability to withstand dust particles and waterdrops the MiR600 can be used in more challenging environments than other AMRs.

  • Moves 600kg payloads at speed of 2 m/s in demanding environments
  • IP52 - improved ability to withstand dust and fluids
  • Designed to comply with latest safety standards - ISO3691-4

Quick facts about MiR600

2.0 m/s
Max speed
10 h 45 min
Run time
600 kg
Case Study

Five MiR500 autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) have improved the warehouse logistics within the Chinese plant for Novo Nordisk.

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