The MiR250 is a more flexible AMR

Small and powerful

The MiR250 has a small footprint of just 580 x 800 mm and stands at a mere 30 centimeters tall. Despite its size, it can effortlessly handle up to 250 kg, moving along at 2 meters per second. This agility sets it apart from all other AMRs on the market, making it exceptionally adaptable to demanding environments.

Thanks to its compact design, it can navigate through spaces as narrow as 80 centimeters. This means that doors and elevators, which might pose challenges for other mobile robots, are a breeze for the MiR250.

Built for the long haul, the MiR250 is designed for easy maintenance and can operate around the clock, with the option for swift battery replacement. Moreover, it adheres to the latest safety standards - we therefore believe it is the safest AMR on the market.

If you have the need the MiR250 also comes in an ESD version

Case Study

The MiR250 can work around the clock and is brilliantly simple to setup. Learn how Denso uses MiR250's in their facility

A complete solution

However, you need more than just an AMR platform. MiR offers a wide range of add-ons for its robots, as well as extra services that make your purchase decision and the integration of our logistics solutions as easy as possible.

MiR Top Modules

Add a Hook or Shelf Carrier. Top Modules can be mounted on MiR robots to create a complete solution

Find your return on investment

Supercharge your manufacturing operations with AMRs. Cut costs, streamline supply chains, enhance safety, minimize downtime, create an attractive workplace, and respond swiftly to market demands.

Calculate your ROI by choosing your robot:

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250kg payload

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