Ready to boost your MiR250 efficiency

Ensure maximum utilization of your MiR250 robots with the MiR Shelf Carrier 250.

The MiR Shelf Carrier 250 top module is a standard modulewhich fits to the MiR250, enabling the robot to collect and deliver shelves, carts and other applications.

With the MiR250 Shelf Carrier solution, you can efficiently transport and deliver multiple carts and shelves across your facility. This approach optimizes the utilization of your MiR250 robots, surpassing the limitations of fixed shelves directly mounted on the robot.

Icon Industries Increase Efficiency


Can be used to transport racks, crates, shelves, or carts

High payloads

Picks up and transport loads up to 300 kg (661 lbs)

Icon Highlight Service


Redeploy employees for higher value activities


Safely navigate around people and obstacles


No limitations for the number of carts the robot can transport


Learn how Denso has redeployed several workers for higher value activities by deploying MiR250 Shelf Carriers.

Quick facts about MiR Shelf Carrier 250

1.2 m/s
Max speed
10 Hours
Run time
300 kg
MiR250 Shelf Carrier
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