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Optimized internal logistics in countless industries

Agile, cost-efficient and safe AMRs are used in dozens of industries, and the list keeps growing.  
Companies worldwide use autonomous mobile robots to adapt and grow. In almost every industry, AMRs are taking new tasks, helping companies stay competitive while improving workplace safety.  

When your business call for agility and productivity, flexible AMRs are what you need. The MiR AMRs are flexible platforms that can help you optimize workflows throughout your entire value chain, whether it’s in your warehouse, in your production or between the two.

Check out how you can use MiR robots to automate internal logistics in your industry

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If you can't see your industry on the list it doesn't mean we can't help you. The mobile robots from MiR are highly flexible and can be adjusted to your exact need with top modules, either provided by MiR or by our ecosystem of 3rd party manufacturers. Learn more about your opportunities to customize the MiR robots in MiRGo.

The wide range of MiR robots can automate nearly any tasks in your internal transportation processes, from the transportation of smaller parts to heavy duties and pallets. So, whatever your industry and application require, we have a solution for you. Submit your contact details, and we will contact you to see how we can help you.