Interroll, a leader in material handling solutions, has launched an innovative light conveyor platform (LCP) that integrates seamlessly with Mobile Industrial Robots' (MiR) autonomous mobile robots (AMR). This advancement aims to optimize internal logistics in round-the-clock operations by serving as the flexible link between fixed conveyor stations. While this new solution will help customers worldwide to increase productivity, Interroll has also implemented a MiR250 with their LCP top module to solve their logistics challenges and optimize internal transportation.


Interroll's facility in Ticino in Switzerland, specializing in techno-polymer injection-molded parts, presented a logistical challenge with production on multiple floors. Manual labor was required for material handling between production and the logistics area because existing solutions couldn't provide the necessary flexibility for multi-floor operations in a highly dynamic environment where people and other equipment move around. Interroll wanted to increase productivity while enhancing safety in a completely automated solution.


Interroll created the LCP AMR top module for MiR’s robots, which is a conveyor top module. They integrated a MiR250 to autonomously navigate the multi-floor environment, even using elevators and connect seamlessly to Interroll’s production lines with the new conveyor topmodule. This partnership leverages MiR's precise navigation capabilities and adaptability to layout changes, seamlessly integrating them into Interroll's production logistics. To optimize the internal transportation further, Interroll uses MiR Insights, which is a cloud-based software that empowers customers to make data-driven decisions, allowing them to optimize their MiR robot fleet's performance and minimize downtime. Interroll uses these insights to identify patterns in the robot’s behavior, optimize mission flows, and reduce inefficiencies.


Optimized Operations: Interroll's facility now operates efficiently across multiple floors, thanks to MiR's AMRs and the LCP AMR top module, reducing the need for manual labor.

Enhanced Safety: The integration improves workplace safety through precise navigation in dynamic environments.

Streamlined Processes: MiR Insights, a cloud-based software, provides key performance indicators, enabling Interroll to enhance robot workflows and throughput.

Increased Efficiency: The MiR250 operates an average of 22.3 hours per day, covering 106 km within the factory premises since the introduction of MiR Insights.

Cost Savings: Reduced manual handling and transportation times allow Interroll's workforce to focus on tasks requiring human expertise, leading to anticipated cost savings and a positive return on investment (ROI).