Efficient pallet transportation

Looking for a flexible way to transport your pallets?

A MiR600 equipped with the MiR Pallet Lift 600 top module is your solution! The MiR Pallet Lift 600 top module securely handles different sizes on pallet, e.g.  40" x 48" pallets, and other loads, enabling MiR600 to autonomously lift and transport payloads up to 500 kg.

This solution will help you optimize pallet transport without the need for facility changes. MiR600 with Pallet Lift 600, autonomously moves pallets at 2 m/sec ensuring a fast throughput, and frees up staff for higher valuable tasks.

Quick facts about MiR600 Pallet Lift

2.0 m/s
Max speed
10,5 Hours
Run time
500 kg

Runner uses a mixed fleet of MiR250 and MiR600 robots to optimize processes transporting pallets over long distances and deliver them in the warehouse

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