Efficient movement of pallets

Looking to optimize safety and efficiency of your pallet handling?

Look this way! Facilitating transportation of various pallet sizes, including 40" x 48", the MiR Pallet Lift 1350 top module empowers the MiR1350. This autonomous system efficiently lifts and lowers pallets from the MiR Pallet Rack, ensuring stability during transportation of payloads weighing up to 1250 kg.

This solution with enable your employees to focus on more valuable tasks, as the MiR Pallet Lift 1350 allows the MiR1350 to autonomously handle the pickup, transport, and unloading of 40" x 48" pallets, taking over the dull, dirty and dangerous tasks of the workforce. 

Quick facts about MiR Pallet Lift 1350

1.2 m/s
Max speed
10.5 Hours
Run time
1250 kg
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