Enhanced Pallet Handling

Need a stable solution for transporting heavy pallets?

The MiR EU Pallet Lift 1350 top module ensures stable handling and transport of your pallets. It enables the MiR1350 to lift pallets autonomously from the MiR EU Pallet Rack and lowers the pallet for stable transportation of payloads up to 1250 kg.

With the MiR EU Pallet Lift 1350, the MiR1350 picks up, transports and unloads pallets autonomously, freeing up employees for more valuable tasks.

Quick facts about MiR1350 EU Pallet Lift

1.2 m/s
Max speed
10.5 Hours
Run time
1250 kg

Cours : They have chosen these robots because of their IP52 rating and ability to drive in environments with dust particles and waterdrops

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