Safety and Security Updates

At Mobile Industrial Robots, our dedication to advancing the frontier of mobile robotics is evident through the development of innovative solutions aimed at enhancing operational efficiency. These solutions are designed with an integral approach to safety and security.

Product Safety

Our robots are designed with user safety as a paramount concern. Rigorous testing and thoughtful design ensure that our products meet the highest safety standards, mitigating risks and safeguarding your operations.

Security Advisories

In the dynamic landscape of digital security, we remain vigilant in identifying and addressing potential vulnerabilities. Our security advisories reflects our proactive approach to securing our products against emerging threats. Here, you'll find critical information needed to maintain the integrity and reliability of your robotic solutions.

Coordinated Disclosure

Demonstrating our commitment to continuous improvement and mutual trust, we support and engage in coordinated disclosure practices. This ensures that any security concerns are responsibly communicated and resolved, fostering a collaborative environment between our team, users, and the broader community.

These pages are your go-to resource for all related information, embodying our pledge to provide you with advanced, safe, and secure robotic solutions. Together, we are setting new standards for innovation and trust in the robotics industry.