AMR Safety

In today's fast-paced manufacturing landscape, the pressure to increase operational efficiency is a constant challenge.

This often comes with the risk of compromising employee safety, leading to workplace injuries. However, the advent of collaborative and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) has revolutionized this aspect.

AMR Safety with MiR

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Equipped with advanced sensors, autonomously navigate around obstacles, ensuring a safer work environment by reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.

Enhancing workplace safety

Hitachi integrated a MiR200 mobile robot at its Barcelona plant, optimizing internal transportation and covering up to 12km per shift, significantly enhancing workplace safety.


Workers operating AMRs receive essential training on safe interaction with MiR mobile robots and emergency response.

What is Robot Safety?

Robot safety refers to the measures and precautions taken to ensure the safe operation of robots in a work environment. This includes the safety of the workers who interact with industrial robots, as well as the safety of the robots themselves. It involves careful planning and implementation of safety protocols, as well as the use of safety features built into the robots.

Why prioritize safety in robotics

Designed with Safety in Mind: Autonomous Mobile Robots, are engineered with a focus on safety. Our robots possess the ability to autonomously navigate around obstacles, including humans, thanks to advanced sensor and camera technology.

Reducing workplace risks

AMRs take on tasks that pose potential dangers to employees, such as lifting heavy loads or working in hazardous environments. By doing so, they significantly decrease the risk of accidents and injuries in the workplace.

By handling physically demanding tasks, AMRs help alleviate employee fatigue. This ensures that workers can focus on more complex, high-level responsibilities, improving overall productivity.

AMRs can be equipped with a range of safety features, including emergency stop buttons, warning lights, and audible alarms. These additional precautions further fortify industrial robot safety.

Seamless collaboration

AMRs seamlessly collaborate with human workers, optimizing workflow efficiency. They can work alongside employees, enhancing productivity without compromising safety.

Proper training is pivotal for the secure use of AMRs. Workers should be well-versed in interacting safely with MiR's mobile robot software and be prepared to respond effectively in case of an emergency.

Why choose AMRs for better warehouse safety?

AMRs, with their ability to autonomously navigate around people and other obstacles, provide a safer alternative to traditional methods. They optimize both workplace safety and productivity, making them a preferred choice for many manufacturers across various industries.

With our AMRs, you're not just investing in efficiency but also in the safety of your workforce - a crucial aspect of any successful business.

Hitachi Optimizes Safety with Mobile Robots

The multinational heating, ventilating, and air conditioning manufacturer Hitachi successfully integrated a MiR200 mobile robot into its Barcelona plant.

The robot's tasks include delivering parts and materials to production lines and disposing of packaging materials.

The implementation of the MiR200 not only optimized internal transportation, covering an impressive 12km per shift, but also significantly bolstered workplace safety.

By replacing forklifts with AMRs in narrow aisles, the plant exemplifies how AMRs can serve as a superior forklift alternative.

"It avoids the need for the movement of forklifts up and down the aisles of the production area, thereby not only optimizing the line’s productivity, but also making the factory floor a safer place for all."

Raúl Galan

Section Manager in the Production Engineering Department

The integration of MiR's Autonomous Mobile Robots offers a dual benefit to manufacturers - an increase in operational efficiency and a significant enhancement in workforce safety.

By prioritizing AMR safety and robot safety through carefully planned measures and leveraging the advanced features of AMRs, businesses can not only meet operational goals but also create a safer work environment for all.

Embrace the future of manufacturing with MiR AMRs and pave the way for a safer, more efficient workplace.