The versatile MiR SHELF solution that adapts to your needs
MiR250 MiR Go


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Product Information

The most versatile MiR SHELF solution on the market.

We introduce VLock, our adjustable lifting system, having different heights in a single equipment, to place on the MiR100 or MiR200 and use the SHELF functions of our MiR without complications.


“To be able to couple and drag your trolleys underneath, in a simple way.”

With the Vicosystems VLock you will be free to regulate different heights.

With its motor with encoder allows us to parameterize different heights and adapt to the carts of our process. The anchoring system can be customized by a machined platform to screw the anchor elements in a fully customizable way.

It is mechanically and electrically prepared to be a Plug & Play system for your MiR using the standard connectors of the product without having to modify anything of your MiR.

A WEB interface is available to view status, parameters, alarms and activate the different operating modes.


  • Adjustable lifting system with different heights in a single equipment
  • Motor with encoder for height parametrization and adaptation to different carts
  • Customizable anchoring system with machined platform
  • WEB interface for status, parameters, alarms, and operating modes

Technical Information

  • Compatible with: MiR100 & MiR200

  • Maximum moving payload: 10 Kg

  • Maximum wheeled car drags: 150Kg

  • Measures W460 x L800 x H100 mm

  • Maximum stroke of 200 mm adjustable

Product Video

Company Description

At Vicosystems we have been providing robotic solutions for the industry for 20 years. We are experts in collaborative robotics and pioneers in the implementation of Collaborative Robotics, which has allowed us to develop an implementation methodology that allows companies to make their own applications and make the most of their robot.