Load, lift, deliver: TruLifter Mobile -Ultimate AMR power-up
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Product Information

The TruLifter Mobile is the optimal extension for autonomous mobile robots (AMR), for efficient transport and handling in intralogistics and production.

The combination of lifting unit and conveyor belt enables a fully automated loading and unloading process at different heights. The transfer of the loads can be done on both sides and is coordinated by light barriers.

Integrated safety edges prevent hazards in crushing areas and together with the AMR forms a fully comprehensive safety concept.

The TruLifter Mobile is optionally equipped with one or two conveyor belts. Designed for common 400x600 mm and 300x400 mm standard KLT sizes, up to 4 load carriers can be transported in parallel.

With the easy-to-use app, individual positions and entire sequences can be learned and executed without any programming knowledge.

Datasheet (en)

  • Handle the transport of multiple orders matching with pickup places & destination
  • Automated or manual loading of carriers for intralogistics transports
  • Variable pickup & place heights of carriers on conveyors

Technical Information

  • Compatible with: MiR100, MiR200, MiR250

  • Length: 890 mm 

  • Width: 580 mm 

  • Height: 1338 mm (1695 mm incl. MiR200) 

  • Weight: 65 kg 

  • Payload: 60 kg 

  • Loading/unloading height: Min. 590 mm Max. 1325 mm (incl. MiR200) 

  • Supported Carriers sizes: 400x600 mm | 300x400 mm (other sizes and payloads on request) 

  • Speed: Lifting unit: 40 mm/s Conveyor belt: 300 mm/s 

Company Description

TruPhysics provides a platform for intelligent robotics and automation where users can customize their individual solution from 100+ hardware, electronics and software modules and operate it using the in-house developed TruOS robot operating system.

The company's hardware products, such as mobile robots, AMR add-ons and workspace extensions for cobots, offer holistic solutions for intralogistics, material supply as well as production and assembly processes.  

This results in complete solutions that are perfectly tailored to the customer's needs.