Forklift Safety System: Human error eliminated.
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Product Information

Trio Mobil’s Forklift Safety System using the most advanced IoT and AI technologies slows down the forklifts when they are dangerously close to pedestrians and other forklifts with AI-integrated IoT Technology., thereby preventing the risks of accidents and increasing the efficiency of the operations.

With Trio Mobil’s Forklift Collision Avoidance System;

  • Minimize the risk of occupational accidents caused by human error.

  • Ensure accident-free forklift operations by slowing down forklift trucks in speed-limited zones or when they are dangerously close to pedestrians and other forklifts.

  • Achieve efficient forklift traffic management of warehouses in the intense workflow, preventing your operations to be interrupted.

  • Avoid dangerous and costly safety risks before they occur, and provide a safer environment for employees.

Product Video

Technical Information

Trio Mobil IoT platform combines hardware, software, and cloud technologies to bring safety, real-time visibility, analytics, and AI into intralogistics operations in warehouses and plants. 

  • Compatible with MiR250, MiR600, MiR1350.

  • Trio Mobil uses our in-house developed smart sensors and AI cameras to detect collision and accident risks and collect safety and operational data from forklifts.

  • The AI-powered edge processing forklift gateways calculate the collision risk approximately in real-time and provide best-in-class safety performance.

  • The system works indoors and outdoors without the need for cellular or WI-FI connectivity. Multiple ranging zones can be defined and configured easily.

The system helps prevent accidents by;

  • Real-time tracking of forklifts with high accuracy,

  • 360 degrees proximity detection,

  • Assisting the forklift operators with audible and visual signals.

Company Description

Trio Mobil is a hyper-growth technology company providing AI based IoT solutions to improve safety and efficiency in industrial operations. Trio Mobil is the pioneer of The Industrial Operations Cloud.

We have helped over 25,000 corporate customers by connecting 500,000+ connected devices so far. We support our customers globally through our US headquarters. We also cover Europe, MEA and APAC regions through our branch offices in The UK, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Netherlands, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, India, and a strong partner network in Australia. We help well-known global brands throughout the world automate and digitalize industrial plants and equipment, apply safety precautions and ensure operational standards. Trio Mobil provides the advantage of managing multi-country IoT projects under a single contract - thanks to its global presence.