PalManager Fixed, powering your pallet workflow
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Product Information

The pallet magazine is used for stacking of up to 14 pallets or as a pallet magazine from where MiR can collect one pallet at a time.

The pallet magazine is prepared for communication with MiR, and together they form a fully automatic pallet flow, e.g. in connection with transport to or from warehouse or as part of a fully automatic palletising system.

Pallet magazine PalManager Fixed is prepared for MiR with MiR EU Pallet Lift or with MiR Pallet Lift for closed pallets.

The product is compatible with: MiR500, MiR600, MiR1000 & MiR1350

Ready for MiR AMR function:

  • The MiR can collect a pallet from the PalManager.

  • The MiR can deliver a pallet to the PalManager.

  • The MiR can collect a full pallet stack from the PalManager.

Ready for MiR AMR comprises:

  • The PalManager comes equipped with WISE-4060 wi-fi or WISE 4060 LAN (optional).

  • The PalManager software is prepared for communication with MiR.

  • The pallet magazine is as standard equipped with photocells releasing an alarm when the maximum or minimum number of pallets in the pallet magazine is reached.

  • Manual with description of integration with MiR.

  • The PalManager is connected to the same local network to which the MiR is connected

  • Fully automatic and gentle pallet handling.
  • Increases productivity - always a pallet ready for use.
  • Safe pallet handling - fewer work-related injuries.
  • No noise or dust inconvenience.
  • Provides order both in storage and production.

Product Video

Company Description

SOCO SYSTEM has a strong position on the global market with a complete end-of-line system. A system that consists of seven product groups that can be combined in different solutions from one-man packaging stations to fully automatic packaging lines. 

SOCO SYSTEM distinguishes itself from other suppliers by handling everything from case erecting to pallet securing in the packaging process – all from ‘the same kitchen’ according to the philosophy.

SOCO SYSTEMs design, development, and production are rooted in Denmark and based on the latest and most up-to-date technology.