AM250, the missing piece for peak performance of MiR250
MiR250 MiR Go


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Product Information

AM250 adapter for MiR250 is made to be used with ROEQ cart/rack/lifter solutions for MiR100/200. It makes the MiR250 compatible with ROEQ products and top modules that are already working with MiR100/200. Gives you flexibility with the ability to use MiR250 with these four top modules:

  • TMC300

  • TMC300 Ext

  • TMR150

  • TML150

ROEQ’s software is 100% integrated with MiR’s software.

Company Description

Safe – Easy – Reliable

Get the most out of your AMRs

Our plug and play software and a variety of useful top modules, carts, top rollers, lifters and racks let you flex the power of your MiR robots, enabling them to perform multiple tasks and workflows in your warehouse or production line easily, efficiently and safely. Safety is engineered right in, so your ROEQ solution takes care of your workers and your products and helps humans and robots work safely and efficiently together.

ROEQ, part of the flourishing Danish robotics cluster on the island of Funen, was founded in 2017 and has the ambition to become the leading global manufacturer of well-engineered, easy-to-use standard mobile robotic equipment to turn your autonomous mobile robot into a powerful, flexible, multi-tasking worker.

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