Simplify shelf handling
MiR250 MiR Go


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Product Information

  • Compatible with: MiR100 & 200

  • Top module for shelf missions

  • Made for engaging onto specifically designed trolley base with interchangeable tops for storage and transportation options

  • Trolley accessories available such as A-Frame hangers, cages and shelf systems

  • Robust, industrial and simple design, plug and play operation!

  • Proven concept completed over 6 months ago with DC><CONNECT (April 19) with continued development using our in-house innovation team.

  • Simple plug and play installation

Company Description

Projx Automation Limited offer collaborative robotic and AGV solutions, specializing in MiR and UR.

From single, bespoke applications to turnkey projects and process solutions.

Fully prepared and ready to integrate our solutions into existing plant and process areas, working with our parent company tes(Europe)ltd, specializing in PLC/HMI and overall control integration.

We are currently working within, but not limited to:

  • Food and beverage Inc. packaging.

  • Automotive

  • Can/bottle handling and filling