Stack, destack, automate: Unleash the full potential
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Product Information

PALOMAT® AMR automatically stacks and destacks pallets onto MiR mobile robots MiR500 and MiR1000, functioning as a pallet buffer and docking station, thus maintaining a consistent pallet flow.

Every work task is performed by communicating independently via a signal exchange between PALOMAT® and MiR mobile robot – the partnership re-thinks companies’ infrastructure by releasing manpower previously spent on loading the MiR mobile robot.

PALOMAT® AMR optimises the MiR mobile robot’s workflow and improves internal logistics, eliminating time spent on manual pallet handling. This releases time from monotonous tasks, enabling companies to focus their skills on high-valued work tasks.

The perfect partnership

  • Time saving and releases manpower for more valuable tasks

  • Improving the workflow of a MiR mobile robot by automating pallet handling

  • Correct and uniform stacking/destacking on the AMR and a fully automated pallet buffer and docking station

  • Streamlined internal logistics and supply chain with an efficient pallet flow

  • Improved work environment utilising safe cooperation with people and other machines

  • No manual pallet handling

  • Easy installation, 100 % electrically powered from a 230V plug

  • STEP/DWG drawings ready for implementation in your own floor layout

  • Easily connected with a MiR mobile robot and prepared to communicate with the interface.


  • Safety frame for 15 pallets / 500 kg
  • Maximum indicator for 15 pallets
  • Technical documentation
  • Example sequence diagram for programming

Technical Information

  • Compatible with MiR500, MiR600, MiR1000, MiR1350

  • Actuator: Linak

  • Steering: Siemens S7-1200

  • Power source: 220-240VAC 50Hz 1P+ N + PE

  • Capacity: 15 pallets - EUR-pallets 1200x800x144 mm, Industrial pallets 1200x1000x150 mm, UK Block pallets 1200x1000x162 mm, US Block pallets 1219x1016x141 mm, US Stringer pallets 1219x1016x130 mm.

  • Cycle time per pallet: 10-15 sec.

  • Compatible with MiR500 and MiR1000 with an EU Pallet Lift or a Pallet Lift.

  • Standard colour: RAL 3002 red

  • External measurements: 1530 - 1590 (L) x 1350 - 1565 (W) x 2740 - 2795 (H) mm.

PALOMAT® AMR is delivered with a WISE 4060 module with I/O signals, making it possible to exchange sig­nals between the PALOMAT® and MiR mobile robo

Product Video

Company Description

Since 1992, PALOMAT® has been the world’s leading manu­facturer of pallet magazines and strive to be first mo­vers within the development of efficient and safe pallet handling.

PALOMAT® place great emphasis on being an innovative manufac­turer via continuous product development. Safety in the use of products is of high priority. All pallet maga­zines comply with the applicable Machinery Directive - your guarantee for palletising solutions manufactured in compliance with the demands for health, safety and the environment.

Providing a strong Danish product, PALOMAT® is the prefer­red supplier for many companies worldwide, with more than 12,000 pallet magazines produced and delivered.

PALOMAT® has a strong international dealer network in more than 20 countries worldwide. Their dedicated team takes pride in training dealers in their products.

All develop­ment, construction and production are conducted at Mors, Denmark, whe­re PALOMAT® is an independent division of BILA Logistics.