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Product Information

The Omni Automation TMROR is a top module with a robotic arm that performs various tasks throughout a facility. These robotic arms utilize a Collaborative Robot with a payload capacity of up to 10 KG. These robots can be used to retrieve product, perform manufacturing tasks, or work along-side humans in industrial manufacturing. These can be used in Manufacturing Facilities, Institutions, and Warehouses. The combination of flexible robotic automation with autonomous navigation provides a very adaptive solution for ever changing manufacturing processes. The robot end of arm tooling can be a vacuum gripper, mechanical gripper or a host of other tools. When docked at a work station these mobile robots can perform tasks with an accuracy of up to plus/minus 1mm. Operating on Lithium Ion Batteries these robotic arms can operate for hours before recharging. When the TMROR arrives at a docking station the robot communicates with the fixed automation over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to signal the process to begin. Once the process is completed, the mobile robot is signaled to continue its mission to other locations in the facility.


  • Mobile Conveyor: Add powered rollers to MiR 100/200 for autonomous goods transport.
  • Smart Cargo Handling: WiFi/Bluetooth signals robot & conveyor for effortless loading/unloading.
  • Multitasking Master: Programmed sensors manage single/multiple deliveries at various stops.
  • Plug & Play Integration: Connects to existing conveyors or uses motorized docking stations.

Product Video

Technical Information

  • Compatible with MiR100 & MiR200

  • Robot Arm Capabilities:

    • The robotic arms are available in 3 kg, 5kg and 10kg payloads.

  • Accuracy:

    • Once docked, these robots have a +/- 1mm accuracy and repeatability.

  • Range of Motion:

    • These six axis robots have +/- 360-degree base rotation and a reach of 19” (3 kg unit), 33” (5 kg unit) and 51” (10 kg unit).

  • Degrees of Freedom:

    • These robots have 6 rotating joints each with a +/- 360-degree range of freedom.

  • Onboard I/O:

    • The robot has 16 input and 16 outputs for customer signals. These I/O points are all 24 VDC.

  • Collaborative Operation:

    • 15 advance adjustable safety functions. TüV NORD Approved Safety Function tested in accordance with: EN ISO 13849:2008 PL d.

  • Temperature Range:

    • 0-50 degrees C.

  • End of Arm Connectivity:

    • There is a M8 connector at the end of the arm that has 2 inputs, 2 analog inputs and 2 outputs. All 24 VDC.

  • Battery:

    • Second MiR battery required. Up to 8 hours between charges.

  • Options:

    • Options include mechanical grippers, vacuum grippers, vacuum pumps, vision systems, barcode readers, special end of arm tooling and fixturing, and additional batteries. Various platform elevations are also available.

Company Description

Control Electric, and our sister company Omni Automation, offers a full range of Industrial automation services including Industrial Controls, Robotics, Custom Industrial Machinery and Engineering Services. Since 1961, Control Electric Company, Inc. has offered our Customers complete turnkey solutions in a timely manner. Our team has many years of experience in the field of industrial automation.

Our automation division designs and builds a variety of top modules for mobile robots as well as wireless interface controls and stationary docking conveyors. We also provide compete integrations services of MiR robots as well as complete conveyor system design and integration.

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