DC Docking: Seamless cargo transfer, automated workflow
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Product Information

The Omni Automation DC Docking Conveyor is a fixed mount powered roller conveyor that can be installed in a facility to automatically receive cargo and accept cargo from a TMRC top module conveyor mounted on a MiR 100 or MiR 200 mobile robot. These conveyors can be installed at workstations throughout a facility to automatically transition product, materials, supplies, parts or good from a fixed conveyor platform to a mobile robot. These can be used in Manufacturing Facilities, Institutions and Warehouses. When the mobile robot with a conveyor top module arrives at a destination with a DC Docking conveyor the two conveyors will communicate over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to signal the transfer of cargo from one conveyor to the others. Sensors on these conveyors signal the MiR robot to continue on its mission once the cargo is successfully received or discharged. Using additional sensors, the DC Docking Conveyor can be programed to discharge or receive multiple loads when docked with a mobile robot. Customer sensors and devices, such as pushbuttons, flashing light beacons, and photo eyes can be wired to the DC Docking Conveyor to signal the system to perform specific tasks such as calling for a robot to retrieve cargo or to indicate the receipt of cargo.


  • Automatically receives and sends goods between fixed & mobile conveyor systems.
  • Works with TMRC top module on MiR 100 & 200 robots for flexible material movement
  • Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity ensures smooth data exchange between conveyors and robots.
  • Monitors cargo transfer, sends signals to robots, and integrates with additional sensors for automated loading/unloading.
  • Integrates with external devices (pushbuttons, lights, etc.) for tailored workflow triggers

Technical Information

  • Compatible with MiR100 & MiR200

  • Conveyor Dimensions: Standard conveyor length is 36” long (other lengths available), available conveyor widths are 15”, 18” and 24”.

  • Top of Roller Elevation: Top of Roller elevation from 26” to 36” to match elevation of mobile conveyor.

  • Roller Speed: The Roller speeds are adjustable from 20 FPM to 120 FPM with acceleration and deceleration adjustable controls.

  • Roller Drive System: The rollers are driven by a 24 VDC motor driven roller.

  • Roller Diameter: Each roller is 1.9” in diameter.

  • Weight Capacity: The maximum conveyor payload capacity is 100 lbs.

  • Communications: The docking conveyor communicates with the MiR robot and host system by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth data signals.

  • Operator Interfaces: Touchscreen operator interfaces are optionally available and can be mounted to the Top Module.

  • Sensors: Each docking conveyor includes one photoelectric sensor to detect the presence of the payload. Additional sensors are available.

  • Power: The DC docking conveyor requires a 120VAC power feed. Typically 300 watts when running.

  • Options: Options include a belted conveyor with a variety of belt types, fixed stops to prevent payload from exiting one end, docking sensors, custom conveyor lengths, widths and elevations are available.

Company Description

Control Electric, and our sister company Omni Automation, offers a full range of Industrial automation services including Industrial Controls, Robotics, Custom Industrial Machinery and Engineering Services. Since 1961, Control Electric Company, Inc. has offered our Customers complete turnkey solutions in a timely manner. Our team has many years of experience in the field of industrial automation.

Our automation division designs and builds a variety of top modules for mobile robots as well as wireless interface controls and stationary docking conveyors. We also provide compete integrations services of MiR robots as well as complete conveyor system design and integration.

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