Effortless setup, instant tote transfer
MiR250 MiR Go


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Product Information

  • Conveyor Docking Station for use with mobile robots with a tote conveyor fitted. Can be used standalone - or as a gateway to a larger conveyor system. 

  • Can be assembled as a Right Hand or a Left Hand System with no additional parts required. 

  • Will be supplied with preferred navigation target to Suit MiR Robot. 

  • Conveyor Height to suit application
  • Conveyor Width to suit application
  • Single Conveyor Station
  • Triple Conveyor Station
  • Complete Solutions to suit Injection Moulding

Technical Information

  • Compatible with: MiR100, MiR200, MiR250

  • Designed for Tote Bins or Cardboard Boxes 

  • Conveyor Height 750m from Ground. 

  • Conveyors can run independently. 

  • Programmable Push Button. .  

Company Description

OliRobot is a Robotics and Automation Integration Company based in Auckland, New Zealand. We specialize in the supply of components and systems to ease the installation of robotics.  

OliRobot components are designed to make robot integration easier. 

There are products to aid in the installation of most robot types and these can be supplied with a robot or for use with a robot that you already have.  

We can deliver components worldwide – and complete solutions in Australasia. 

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