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Product Information

NOVAMove Cabinet is equipped with a secure access cabinet, ensuring safe and controlled transport of sensitive items, improving efficiency and security within your facility. By automating transportation tasks, the Cabinet module reduces manual labor and human error, allowing staff to focus on more critical tasks and enhancing overall workflow.


  • Customizable drawer configurations
  • Optional secure drawer access with RFID/NFC tags
  • Touchscreen display with access controls
  • Automatic soft-close opening/closing + force and positional sensing
  • Customizable top-platform and made from light-weight durable materials

Technical Details

  • Compatible with: MiR100 & MiR250

  • Dimensions with robot: 80x58x125cm | 32x23x49inch

  • Weight: 30kg | 65lbs

  • Payload: 60kg | 133lbs for MiR 100 or 100kg | 220lbs for MiR 250

Company Description

NovaticLab is committed to transforming lab automation in the clinical and healthcare sectors. Our multidisciplinary team, with expertise in systems engineering, mechatronics, cloud infrastructure, and data analysis, strives to simplify lab automation for easy adoption in clinical environments.

We envision a future of interconnected lab equipment that enhances the efficiency of scientists and technicians, promoting global collaboration in clinical and healthcare research.

Our approach involves the integration of hardware and software through our in-house development and manufacturing capabilities.

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