Move smart, work smarter: The Pallet Mover
MiR1350 Nord Modules PM1000


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Product Information

The Pallet Mover enables the Mobile Robots to pick up and deliver pallets – transporting them to e.g. production lines or packing stations, thereby enhancing internal logistics.

The Pallet Movers integrated technology enables communication to external roller conveyors by wireless signals. A Nord Modules dock target can be installed on an existing conveyor line allowing the PM1000 to successfully dock and receive or deliver a pallet.

This fully automated premium solution allows heavy payload transportation of up to 1180 kg to optimize logistics and production.

Datasheet (en)

  • Docking is available from both sides (run-through)
  • High industrial quality
  • Safe heavy payload transportation
  • Transport of US-sized pallets
  • Loading side, automatic mechanical stop-solution

Technical Information

  • Compatible with: 
    MiR500, MiR600, MiR1000, MiR1350

  • Nord Modules compatibility:
    Pallet Conveyor, Dock Target

  • Dimensions (LWH):
    1340 x 1120 x 165 mm

  • Max Handling capacity:
    1180 kg (See AMR max load)

  • Speed:
    200 mm/sec

  • Center distance between rollers:
    95 mm (94,6 mm)

  • Transport area:
    1060 x 1300 mm (EU-pallets)

  • Weight:
    170 kg

Company Description

Nord Modules is a Danish company situated in the city of Odense close to MiR and is a part of the area’s innovative robot cluster.

We create high-quality solutions that optimize the utilization of space and modular flexibility for our customers. Furthermore, our standard modules help reduce repetitive work and free employees for more value-adding tasks.

We streamline automated work processes with standard modules for specialized productions – expanding the functionality of mobile robots with standardized modules and securing effective automation in factories all over the world.

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