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MiR 1350 NordModules EU Lift


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Product Information

Optimize your internal logistics by automating the internal transportation of pallets with the Nord Modules EU Pallet Lift Top Module. Nord Modules EU Pallet Lift autonomously picks up and delivers pallets in the Pallet Rack.

Stable handling and transport of EU size pallets. It enables the MiR AMRs to lift pallets autonomously from the Pallet Rack and lowers the pallet for stable transportation of payloads up to 1250 kg.

Datasheet (en)

  • Industrial actuator with ball screw spindle, servo motor, and dynamic brake.
  • Scissor lift design with cam followers.
  • Allows uneven load - up to 850kg in one corner.
  • Bearings in all moving joints.
  • Easy mounting on AMR - Removing 4x4 screws gives access to the 4 mounting points on the AMR.

Technical Information

  • Robot compatibility: MiR500, MiR600, MiR1000, MiR1350

  • Life expectancy

    • 600 000 lift or 5 years - whatever comes first.

    • 600 000 lift cycles is at maximum payload.

  • Communication

    • Interface via modbus.

    • Equipped with stack light that gives feedback on the following states of the top module: Process status | Service need | Overload | Skewed weight distribution | And more...

  • Power

    • 48v safe power for drive

    • 24v for controller

  • Data Collection

    • The top module is capable of sending essential information to the MiR AMR for data collection. The information includes:

      • Total lift count

      • Service monitor

      • Payload weight

      • Payload distribution

      • Error codes

      • And others

Product Video

Company Description

Nord Modules is a Danish company situated in the city of Odense close to MiR and is a part of the area’s innovative robot cluster.

We create high-quality solutions that optimize the utilization of space and modular flexibility for our customers. Furthermore, our standard modules help reduce repetitive work and free employees for more value-adding tasks.

We streamline automated work processes with standard modules for specialized productions – expanding the functionality of mobile robots with standardized modules and securing effective automation in factories all over the world.

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