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MiR250 MiR Go


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Product Information

The integrated conveyors enable a fully automated loading and unloading process at the machines. The entire system is suitable for use in ESD areas. The minimum transfer height, measured from the floor, is 450 mm. Other heights are available on request.

With the help of the automated PCB transport, employees who were responsible for in-house transport can now pursue more value-adding activities.

  • This top module enables the autonomous transport of PCB magazines.
  • Up to two magazines, each weighing a maximum of 15 kg, can be transported simultaneously.
  • The infinitely variable width adjustment of the side belts enables the transport of magazines with a maximum size of 405 x 320 mm.
  • Belt adjustment is possible from 355 mm to 405 mm in width.

Technical Information

  • Compatible with MiR250

  • Max. Payload: 30 kg

  • Designed for: PCB magazines 405 x 320 mm and other sizes

  • ESD suitable

  • Footprint: 948 x 590 mm

Company Description

Noll have been advising, developing, planning and designing systems for various customer areas since 1996. Through our three business areas, automation, robotics and green automation, we are able to provide comprehensive advice and service to our customers. A highly motivated team of specialists is looking forward to your task.

Customers from different production branches use our know-how:

  • Plastics processing companies

  • Electrical industry

  • Pharmacy

  • Automotive supplier

  • Food area

  • Metalworkers

  • Furniture industry

Our main areas include:

  • General industrial automation

  • Robotics

  • Driverless transport systems

  • Manual workplaces

  • Testing machines

  • Robot gripper (special solutions)

  • Industry 4.0

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