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Product Information

The Noll – Lifting Unit in combination with the boxes transfer station lets you automate loading and unloading operations and carry out scheduled pick up and delivery tasks. The transfer station has three positions for boxes. These are separated from each other by stopper cylinders.  

The first position is used for the delivery of empty boxes. The box is filled at the second position. Here, for example, the parts fall from a conveyor belt into the box. The fill level is monitored by a sensor. When the box has reached the desired fill level, it moves to the third storage location. The box from the first position moves on to the second, where it can be filled again. Once the filled box has reached the third position, a transport order is sent fully automatically to the automated guided vehicle. The boxes are moved to the next storage location by gravity. 

After receiving the transport order, the MiR robot brings an empty box and sets it down at the first storage location by lowering the lifting unit. It then passes under the transfer station and picks up the filled box by raising the lifting unit. During the entire transfer process, the AMR communicates with the transfer station so that the robot is always informed about the status at the transfer station.  

The transfer station can be expanded as required. Integration of a scanner for barcodes, QR codes, etc. is possible at any time. .

  • Load, unload, and transport boxes automatically, eliminating manual labor and increasing efficiency.
  • The MiR robot seamlessly retrieves empty boxes and delivers filled ones, streamlining your workflow
  • Sensors detect desired fill level, automatically triggering box movement and optimizing space utilization
  • Add more box positions as needed and easily integrate barcode scanners for enhanced tracking and management.

Product Video

Technical Information

  • Compatible with: MiR100 & MiR250

  • Max. Payload using MiR100: 40 kg/box (caused by lifting unit) 

  • Max. Payload using MiR250: 100 kg/box (caused by lifting unit)

    • adjustable for different type of boxes 

  • Power Requirements: 

    230 V, 50Hz, 16A 

  • Note: Additional options available; station can be customized 

Company Description

We have been advising, developing, planning and designing systems for various customer areas since 1996. Through our three business areas, automation, robotics and green automation, we are able to provide comprehensive advice and service to our customers. A highly motivated team of specialists is looking forward to your task. 


Customers from different production branches use our know-how: 

  • Plastics processing companies

  • Electrical industry

  • Pharmacy

  • Automotive supplier

  • Food area

  • Metalworkers

  • Furniture industry


Our main areas include: 

  • General industrial automation

  • Robotics

  • Driverless transport systems

  • Manual workplaces

  • Testing machines

  • Robot gripper (special solutions)

  • Industry 4.0


We would be happy to find the right solution for your project. We look forward to cooperation! .