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MiR250 MiR Go


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Product Information

The product is what we like to call a "waist" up customizable design, meaning the base of our cart is our foundation we can build off in order to create customized shelving designs to fit any application or situation. We also have fabricated a gravity style friction based brake which is unique to our carts working with the MIR 250. Because of our brakes the carts are free standing and do not require a docking system.

  • Brake system with manual engagement/disengagement options
  • “Waist” up customization options specific to your needs
  • Reversible dockless mating with the MIR250

Technical Details

  • Compatible with: MiR250

  • Size of the Base: 781 mm x 845 mm or 30.75” x 33.25”

  • Shelving add ons made from Formed steel; material thickness varies to fit the load and application

  • Powder coated finish

  • Swivel casters for easy maneuverability with the choice of fixed casters as desired

Company Description

Mossman Tebbs designs and manufactures a high quality range of reel racks, feeder mobiles and board handling solutions, capable of meeting the exacting demands of various manufacturing applications. Specializing in ESD safe applications.

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