ConnectedThinks: Uncover hidden gems in your industrial data
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Product Information

A manufacturing environment generates large quantities of digital data - starting from inventory, logistics, production data, operational data, etc generated by various factory machines, sensors, on-ground staff, ERP and CRM systems. While this data holds information and insights critical for business, manually searching for these insights in the huge data store is extremely cumbersome and time consuming.

For this we have developed our ConnectedThinks data platform tailored to industrial IoT use cases, managing the end-to-end data stream. By means of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques we automatically detect and report insights in data which have a large impact on your business. For example, an array of surveillance cameras installed in the factory could provide supervision data and provide insights on the quality of a manual assembly manufacturing process. Another example is a system which automatically detects real-time anomalies in data from disparate systems and reports alerts when something looks incorrect - almost like a highly experienced engineer and production manager overlooking multiple events across the entire factory.

  • Data-integration support for diverse machinery, sensors and protocols.
  • Easy to configure and onboard devices to data platform. Configurable data transformations to suit business cases.
  • Integrated & Real-time data pipeline for ML analysis for multiple use-cases - anomaly-detection, predictive-maintenance, forecasting, image & video ml.
  • Multiple deployment options – on-prem, on-cloud, hybrid.
  • Ready to use in few days rather than months – Quick RoI.

Technical Information

  • Compatible with: MiR250, MiR600, MiR1350

  • Video ML and AI based process quality supervision solutions

  • Noise based anomaly detection e.g. for automated welding

  • Temperature monitoring for road construction works

  • Analytics solutions for OEMs such as Large industrial printer manufacturers and autonomous moving robot manufacturers

  • Data insights and analytics around production-data, logistics, efficiency, power consumption, environmental data monitoring – to name a few

Company Description

Locixx® GmbH is an Industrial IoT data solutions company, headquartered in Ismaning/Germany offering machine learning based data analytics solutions for the manufacturing and machinery industry. From India and Germany we provide our industrial IoT software solutions and services offering to the global industrial enterprise customer market.