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Product Information

With TP200, you can automate picking, transporting and delivering trolleys/racks, without needing a large moving space typical of convoy systems.

Compatible with other applications, you can increase your load capacity with our special coupling system, and without the need of other transfer structures.

You can pick and leave carts in open space without hardware references or positioning structures.


Epl Towing Pin User Manual

  • Assembly and simple integration with the MiR robot
  • Automatic coupling and delivery of trolleys/racks
  • Compact systems of reduced dimensions
  • Transport capacity on trailer up to 350kg
  • No load transfer structures

Technical Information

  • Compatible with MiR100 & MiR200

  • Payload:

    • MiR100: up to 150kg.

    • MiR200: up to 300kg.

  • Size: 760x445x51mm

  • Height of MiR with TP200: 407mm

  • Allows drive through pick-up, without docking stations.

  • Allows stroke adjustment by software in both directions.

  • No additional software is required to setup and operate

Company Description

We produce and develop top modules and stations for mobile robots for professional use in the industry, manufacturing companies and hospitals.

We have two aims:

  1. Enable our customers to automate their internal transport processes and to ensure the in a safe, fast and easy way.

  2. Ensure the safety of your customers and employees by automatizing the operations of cleaning and disinfection.

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