Safe transportation of healthcare products
MiR250 MiR Go


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Product Information

The connected cabinet enables healthcare products to be transported securely throughout the various departments of a hospital. The product can be adapted to customer requirements (modular structure, various optional functionalities).

Our connected cabinet is combined with a tailor-made application for hospitals, offering unprecedented product traceability and simplified management of internal transport. Our application provides precise estimates of the arrival times of ordered products, while ensuring complete traceability of the process, from routing of products to their receipt.

Our application is an internal web solution (intranet) that integrates directly into the company's IT system. It can be interconnected with the company's own management tools. It can be used to manage and coordinate transport by robot, drone or courier. It offers users the possibility of creating transport routines, strong traceability of all transport scheduled in the application and centralised management of requests for exceptional transport. Users will have a dashboard of all the transport operations relating to their service (or multiple services, depending on their rights). Coupled with Smartshelf, the application will also make it possible to find out which product has been transported, when it was picked up and by whom, thanks to RFID technology.


  • Can be used on all platforms (smartphones, computers, tablets etc.)
  • Transport request, fixed route planning, deliveries in progress, RFiD scans, transport history
  • Intranet

Technical Details

  • Compatible with: MiR250

  • Length: 800mm

  • Width: 580 mm

  • Height: 1300 or 1800mm

  • Height above ground: 50mm

  • Weight with MiR 250: 127kg or 142kg

  • Loading area: 4 or 6 compartments of W 360 x L 480 x H 390 mm which can be modulated (compartmentalization)

  • Color: RAL 9010

  • Carried: 220kg or 205 kg (with max 5% slope)

  • Locks: Automatic locks with manual key release, resistance force 360kg

  • Hinges: Opens to 120°

  • Access: Personnel identification via integrated RFID reader or on-screen display

  • Interface: 7-in touch screen with transport application

  • Traceability: RFID readers for indoor identification lockers, optional barcode scanner

  • Inventory: Optional RFID antennas (fixed asset tracking)

  • Disinfection: Optional UV lamps for disinfecting crate interiors

  • Operating temperature: +5°C to +40°C

  • Humidity: 10 to 85% condensation free

  • Protection class: IP21

Company Description

Because of the lack of nurses and health care staff, many hospitals and clinics are closing beds, thus disrupting the responsiveness and quality of care while losing turnover. The use of drones and robots to transport samples, medicines and medical devices to sterilisation, for example, is a solution that can be implemented quickly, freeing up the time of healthcare workers. In fact, robots allow healthcare personnel, nurses, pharmacists and laboratory assistants to save precious time - wasted by travelling - because the material is delivered directly to their workstations. Our transport management application, coupled with our drone-robot couriers, generates an extremely rapid ROI. Today, this innovative solution is being deployed in many hospitals, private hospitals and clinics.

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