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Product Information

PS1 is a very maneuverable pallet fork that makes it easy to move your pallets and that can be used with MiRHook.

With the MiRHook integration you can now automate your internal pallet transport. It is fast and simple and you do not need to invest in other equipment or make changes in your production


  • Very user-friendly and can be loaded by a normal pallet jacket
  • Simple
  • Braked when it is empty, which makes it easier to place pallets
  • Minimal service required
  • Fast ROI

Technical Information

  • Compatible with: MiR100 & MiR200 incl. the MiRHook top module

  • Available for 120 x 80 pallets cm and 80 x 40 cm pallets

  • Capacity: 500 kg

Product Video

Company Description

KK-Tech is a developer and manufacturer of efficient tools, enabling the MiR units to be used for pallet and cart transportation. Our focus is to create low ROI on any of our solutions, to allow the customer to get the maximum out of making their operation more efficient.

We are currently shipping products to all markets, for use in any industry where the MiR units are used, but we are open to share our creations with local cooperative partners, for the best mutual business.

Product development is the expertise of KK-Tech, and with a strong supplier network, our products are cost efficient and ready within a short lead time.

Variants and specials versions of our standard products can be offered to cover further applications - feel free to contact us and let us find a solution for your business!

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