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Product Information

This product, "MiR Smart Carry Series MT1A-W250" is used as a top module for MiR100 or MiR250. MT1A-W250 mounted on MiR can carry and transport either specified or customized carts.

By opening the side bars of the MT1A-W250, it docks and transports the cart, and detaches it by closing the side bars. It is equipped with a touch panel, making it possible for the users to check remaining battery and its status, open/close sidebars, and mission instructions.

Technical Details

  • Compatible with: MiR100 & MiR200

  • Weight: 30 kg

  • Dimensions: 867 x 690 x 104 mm

  • Height of MiR with MT1A-W250: 426 mm (with MiR250)

  • Pulling force: Up to 350 kg with MiR250

  • HMI: 2 x E-Stop, 1 x Reset, 1 x Touch panel

  • Operating Voltage: 24 VDC from MiR100, 48 VDC from MiR250

  • IP Rating: IP20

Company Description

As a robot SIer (system integrator) that builds robot systems, we also play an important role as a distributor for various domestic and overseas cooperative robots and peripheral equipment manufacturers, and also play an important role in the popularization of cooperative robots.

We have an organizational structure that can respond to the development of top modules that leverage MiR's strengths as a system integrator, as well as an authorized sales agent in the Japanese market.

Please also consult with us about MiR system integration.

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