TSL AMR: The intelligent solution for smart pallet handling
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Product Information

The TSL AMR is an intelligent system designed to make work easier, safer and more efficient for the operator.

It works as a height-adjustable docking station for the EUR pallets transported by MiR collaborative mobile robots.

The MiR robot transfers the pallet to the dock, the operator can then lower the pallet to the ground and retrieve it with a hand pallet truck. The fork is then placed in its highest position again, a signal is sent to the MiR robot so that the next EUR pallet can be placed on the forks. Thanks to the intelligent design of the TSL-AMR, the closing height is only 70 mm above the ground, it equipped with a safety release bar on the sides of the fork for the protection of the feet of the operator.


Technical Information

  • Compatible with: MiR500 & MiR1000

  • Capacity 1000 kg

  • Lenght 1668 mm

  • Width 1042 mm

  • Height 1146 mm

  • Lift stroke 372 mm

  • Lowest height 70 mm

  • Load area lenght 1245 mm

  • Load area width 816 mm

  • Lifting time 15 secondes

  • Tension 220V single phase

Product Video

Company Description

HMI-MBS is a company with more than twenty years of experience which relies, above all, on its human capital to offer you innovative solutions.

As Experts, we help you to build your company of the future.
Our aspiration is to present you innovative and disruptive technologies of quality allowing to increase the well-being of your collaborators but also your performance. Our goal: to be your reference partner for the future.

Every day, our teams innovate, anticipate and undertake to meet the specificities of each of your projects. EdmoLift Solutions is a Belgian company. Its mission is to ensure the growth of sales of EdmoLift lift tables on the French and Belgian markets. It has partnered with HMI-MBS to develop a pallet racking station for MIR robots.

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