Safe, effective, and autonomous disinfection for large space
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Product Information

The STERI-R on MiR100, certified device medical class 1, disinfects closed spaces with ultraviolet radiation and ozone without additional chemical product!

Ozone allows the disinfection of the air and all surfaces that are not exposed to the UV-C light. The solution has an autonomy of 8 hours. Flexible, the STERI-R adapts to exiting environment. Reliable, the algorithms calculate positions of the robot. The user only needs to start the program. Safe, its equipment detect person and stop the process. After disinfection, the spaces are immediately available.

Designed for big areas, the STERI-R is useful in applications as Hotels and Restaurants, Healthcare, Offices, Transports, Industry, Sports gym, Malls, Education.

Compatible with MiR100


  • Kills 99.9% of germs and viruses with UV-C and ozone without using chemicals.
  • Operates autonomously for up to 8 hours, disinfecting large spaces without human intervention.
  • Detects people and stops the disinfection process, ensuring safety and eliminating the need for manual monitoring.

Company Description

We are Autonomous Units - startup and pioneer in high quality applications that solve specific purposes in healthcare worldwide.

Our goal is to develop the most innovative top applications for mobile and autonomous robots from MiR, which change your perception of what is possible to do around companies, organizations and hospitals.

“Through innovative thinking, we develop
intelligent and technological solutions
to responsible businesses, who want to
increase the level of health and safety”

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