Load, move, unload: Automate your plant transfers with ESYAI
MiR1350 MiR Go


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Product Information

The ESYAIR MOBILE CART system carries out the transfer of elements between different points of a plant through the use of an AMR. The AMR is engaged with the ESYPRO system which is a container with an accumulation bar.

The operation of the system is based on the AMR being positioned in the determinate STOCK (the different points of loading or unloading of elements are called STOCK) in which it is unloaded or loaded with the items to be transported.

  • Application for air storage
  • The AMR has a communication system with the control services of the rest of the circuit in real
  • Rack size of the ESYAIR MOBILE CART variable for each application within certain parameters
  • Possibility of housing 2 accumulation bars per trolley
  • Possibility of carrying different types of references using the same ESYAIR MOBILE CART

Technical Information

  • Compatible with: MiR500 and MiR1000

  • Maximum weight: 500kg

  • Height: 000-3.000mm (center of gravity: 1.400mm-2.600mm)

  • Width: 600-1.500mm

  • Length: 850mm-3.200mm

Company Description

ESYPRO LIP (Logistics and Process Engineering) is a company specialized in the development and application of modular and reconfigurable storage and transport systems. We are specialized in monorail and power&free air transport systems, hanging part storage systems, line edge supply systems and equipment to improve productivity.

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