Powerful, versatile disinfection robot for large buildings
MiR250 MiR Go


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Product Information

Disinfection Mobile Robot – UV light

EPCO Precision’s own UV disinfection top module enables MiR100/ MiR200 to sterilize the entire building autonomously. This mobile robot capable of moving autonomously to any level of the building by using existing passenger lift or bomba lift.

Our disinfection mobile robot is heavy duty and industrial grade which built to perform serious disinfection work at large building such as Airport, Hospital, Shopping Mall, large factory etc. It’s close to impossible for human to effectively sterilize these places due to their vast build-up area. Human will miss spot, hard to supervise and risk being infected by virus themselves.


Future Proof

Our mobile robot is one of the world’s hottest industrial 4.0 robotics technology. It can do much more than just disinfection with a minor upgrade. Once this pandemic has ended, this mobile robot can be easily modified to re purpose its function  to suit your future usages.

  • Ultraviolet indoor mobile multipoint disinfection
  • Configurable body temperature monitoring, detection, and notification.
  • Effective kill off viruses with most powerful germicidal lamp with UV intensity up to 270uW/cm2

Technical Information

  • Compatible with: MiR100

  • Material: Cold rolled steel + Plastic

  • Operation Time: 6 hours with intermittent UV disinfection*

  • Ultraviolet system: Quantity of glass tube ultraviolet lamp – 6

Company Description

EPCO Prevision were built from the foundation of providing innovative and high technology product solutions for Manufacturing, System Integrator and OEMs for the pass 15 years.

With the world leading’s products we represented, we translate it into system solutions which characterized by cost-effectiveness, precision, flexibility and reliability. As a being a leading solution provider for factory automation; our technical capability and unrivaled experience are pleased to meet any requirements from our value customer to design, installation, commissioning and maintaining for their daily productions.