ER-ABILITY: Simple, Flexible, Unstoppable
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Product Information

ER-ABILITY is the all-in-one web-based interface for the ER-FLEX robot. It brings all the communication and programming for the ER-FLEX together in one place and consists of three layers:

  • User – Scheduling: Ideally suited to users with no previous robot experience who typically use the ER-FLEX as a helper, e.g., factory floor or hospital staff.

  • Super user – Programming: Typically for technicians or programmers.

  • Backend system – Data exchange: This is where the robot exchanges data with, e.g., elevators, ERP systems and fleet systems. REST API and OPC UA are interfaces to external systems. Includes a ROS package for direct communication with the ER-FLEX with full documentation. Wireless I/O modules for activating doors.

  • User interface for scheduling and super-user interface for programming
  • Block-based drag-and-drop programming
  • Pre-programmed ‘blocks’ for ease of use
  • Customizable ‘blocks’ easy to do
  • Web-based interface that can be operated from your smartphone, tablet or computer

Product Video

Technical Information

  • Compatible with: MiR100, MiR250

ER-ABILITY brings all the communication and programming for the ER-FLEX mobile collaborative robot together in one place.

Data exchange

  • Exchange with elevators

  • ERP systems communication

  • MES systems

  • MiR fleet

  • AI / Vision / UR+MiR / third-party systems

Communication to externals through:


  • OPC UA

  • ROS

  • Wireless I/O modules for activating doors

ER-VISION is the robot’s vision software that determines actions in relation to positioning, how to grasp, object detection etc.:

  • Calibration to markers (standard) – fast, reliable and precise calibration to 1 mm using markers, which are used on fixed positions, e.g., shelves

  • 2D object detection and template matching (standard) – eliminates the need for markers, used for objects placed on flat surfaces, e.g., tables

3D object detection and pose estimation (optional extra) – AI algorithms used to define the position of objects and how to grasp them without the need for markers

Company Description

Since 2016 Enabled Robotics has been on a mission to address the labor shortage and
reduce the cost of automation for companies by innovating how robots are used.

We specialize in mobile manipulator robots that integrate mobile robots with robotic
arms. Our ER-FLEX product portfolio includes several types of collaborative mobile robots,
operating in areas from industry, warehouse management and production to service
applications and hospital intralogistics.

Enabled Robotics is based in Odense, Denmark and is part of the national robot,
automation and drone cluster – Odense Robotics. We make it easy for companies to
automate internal logistics processes with our ER-FLEX mobile collaborative robot and
support from our talented team and distributors.