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Product Information

A.M.R. HD Lift Station for customers needing to move pallets between a forklift or pallet jack and an Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR). The A.M.R. Heavy Duty Pallet Lift Station is a lifting station designed to receive a pallet from a pallet jack or forklift and lift it up to a height where an A.M.R. with a lifting platform can pick it up.  Both sides are open to allow entry and exit from either side as required by the user. 

Datasheet (en)

User manual

  • Easy pallet transfer between forklifts, pallet jacks, and AMRs.
  • Open design allows for easy access from both sides.
  • Heavy-duty construction for reliable pallet lifting.

Technical Details

  • Compatible with MiR500 & MiR1000

  • Max Lifting Capacity: 1000 kg (2,200lbs)

  • Lifting speed: 18 – 27 in/min

  • Max Lifting Height: 17.5”

  • Standard Pallet Width: 40”

(Other widths available, contact sales for more information)

  • Power Requirements

  • Input Voltage: 115/208/230/480 60 Hz PH 1

  • Note: Additional options available; Wired or Wireless Communication module, Other pallet widths.

Company Description

From simple machined components to complex automation solutions, we are here to make your life and bottom line better.

If you need custom fabrication, design services, or system integration, we bring years of experience in automated design and integration to the table. We provide the tools to allow you to be successful with automation and integration. We have experience with MiR integration including MiR Fleet.