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Product Information

With this autonomous mobile robot (AMR), it is possible to autonomously map the supply and disposal of production facilities. For this purpose, e.g. the production material is collected from the logistics areas and automatically fed to the production plant.

Semi-finished products can also be transported to the next production stage. The integration of intermediate or buffer storage is also possible. With the variable transfer height of 200 - 1200 mm, the BS Trayfeeder MiR250 is the ideal complement to our BS palletisers. This creates a complete system with high autonomy.

The BS Trayfeeder MiR250 can be used wherever maneuvering is necessary in confined spaces. The BS Trayfeeder MiR250 offers the advantage that a 360 degree turn is possible from a standing position and with a full load. Due to the small footprint of 580 x 925 mm, turning maneuvers can take place in the tightest of spaces. For this reason, e.g. doorways or the autonomous use of lifts, which can be an obstacle for other mobile robots, are no problem for the BS Trayfeeder MiR250.

The integration of the Braun Trayfeeder MiR250 into the web-based fleet software MiR Fleet integrates the AMR into a fleet system that reliably supplements or takes over the control of internal transport. Connection to an ERP system for taking over transport missions is possible.

The BS Trayfeeder MiR250 offers the possibility to take over all tray- or KLT-bound transports up to 50 kg and thus contribute to a future-oriented production and logistics. logistics

This application is compatible with: MiR250



  • Varied use in narrow spaces thanks to 360-degree turning and small footprint
  • Fleet integration and connection to ERP system for efficient operation
  • Suitable for transport of tray- or KLT-bound materials up to 50 kg

Technical Information

  • Vehicle platform: MiR250

  • Designed for: Trays + KLTs 600 x 400 mm, other sizes possible at any timeStacking

  • Height: max. 700 mmPayload:50 kg

  • Transfer height: 200 mm to 1200 mmCE

  • conformity:according to DIN EN ISO 3691 4

  • Dimensions: 925 x 580 x 1400 mm (l x w x h)

Company Description

Braun Sondermaschinen GmbH has been designing and manufacturing assembly systems, production systems and epoxy coating systems to customer specifications for more than 35 years.

With Braun Sondermaschinen GmbH, you have an experienced automation partner on your side who can realise your automation project individually and successfully.

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