Simplify full pallet handling with Autotec's Conveyor
MiR1350 MiR Go


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Product Information

Autotec’s Stub Shaft Conveyor is designed for full pallet movement from MiR 1350 or MiR 600. Photo eyes are integrated for safe pallet loading and unloading. Originally designed for transferring full pallets to stretch wrapping. Additional use applications include pallet staging and pallet transfer. This robust interface conveyor is industrial grade and designed/built in the USA.

  • Rated for up to 3,000 lbs
  • Forward and reverse drive capabilities
  • Integrated photo eyes for pallet sensing

Technical Information

  • Compatible with: MiR600 & MiR1350

  • Power Supply (480/3/60)

  • Motor Speed (1750 RPM @ 60 Hz)

  • Gearbox Ratio (24.06:1)

  • Roll Diameter (1.25 in)

  • Conveyor Speed (31.74 FPM @ 60 Hz)

  • 1 Integrated Photo Eye

  • Fully Shop Assembled, Wired, and Functionally Tested in Toledo, OH (USA)

  • Additional Model Designs Available Upon Request*

Company Description

Since 1972, Autotec Solutions has been supplying engineered automation systems and custom machines. Over the last 50+ years, our business has has evolved to include an ever increasing portfolio of robotics and automation across multiple industries. We supply turnkey systems for Finishing Equipment, Pick & Place Robotics, Depalletizers, Palletizers, Labeling, Pallet & Slipsheet Handling, Case & Carton Handling, Conveyors, and Sortation Systems. With our full service in-house capabilities, we help customers solve labor dependencies and throughput challenges with intelligent automation.

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