Effortless disinfection without compromising safety
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Product Information

The Dry Mist Disinfection Robot – DMD4000 – is a mobile and autonomous disinfection robot that fills the room with a dry mist consisting of hydrogen peroxide-based disinfectant.

Evidence-based technology with clinical purity up to 99,9999% (Log6).
Patent-pending automated solution
Process compliance: NFT 72 281 : 2019

But what really sets DMD4000 apart from other disinfection systems is the superior ability to disinfect in a way harmless for humans, and with no shadows and hidden spots.


  • Autonomous disinfection: The DMD4000 cleans and disinfects your space on its own.
  • Advanced disinfection technology: Eliminates virtually all bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens.
  • Safe and non-toxic: Protects humans and pets while leaving no residue.

Technical Information

  • Compatible with: MiR100

  • Capacity: 4.000 m³

  • Disinfection speed: 8.000 ml/h

  • Tank: 15 l

  • Number of nozzles: 3

  • Disinfection levels: Log3-Log6

  • Spray length: 2-6 m.

  • Spray angle: 40°

  • Sensor coverage: 360°

  • Colour: Ral9010 / Pure white

  • Ambient temp. range: +5°C to 40°C
    (humidity 10-95% non-condensing)  

  • Environment: Indoor only

  • Noise level: 60-74dB

  • Charging time: Up to 4 hours (0-80%: 3 hours)

  • Wifi: Dual-band wireless AC/G/N/B

  • Bluetooth: 4.0 LE, range: 10-20 m / 33-66 ft

  • Sensor coverage: SICK microScan3 safety-system (2 pcs.) / ICK safety laser scanners S300 

  • Batteries: 2 pcs. Li-NMC, 24V, 40Ah 

Product Video

Company Description

We are Autonomous Units - startup and pioneer in high quality applications that solve specific purposes in healthcare worldwide.

 Our goal is to develop the most innovative top applications for mobile and autonomous robots from MiR, which change your perception of what is possible to do around companies, organizations and hospitals.

“Through innovative thinking, we develop
intelligent and technological solutions
to responsible businesses, who want to
increase the level of health and safety”

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