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Product Information

The Robotic Lab Assistant utilises existing hardware, so it is an affordable way to bring automation into your laboratory.  Once in the laboratory the Robotic Lab Assistant will give you access to 24/7 operation, allowing you to break free from the traditional 9-5 routine.


  • Reconfigure your setups as your priorities evolve
  • Transport samples across laboratories
  • Keep your lab running during off hours
  • Affordable, easy to operate, deployed quickly and controlled from any device

Technical lnformation

  • Compatible with: MiR100, MiR250, MiR500, MiR1000

  • 6-axis arm with 850mm reach for a full range of motion, makes the whole lab accessible

  • Vision sensors and adaptable grippers accurately handle complex and delicate labware

  • Autonomous collaborative MiR mobile robot base runs on all floor types at speeds up to 1.5m/s

  • No special adaptations needed, compact and light: 890mm by 580mm, total weight <110kg

  • Get more done with 8 hours running time with 80% recharge within 2 hours

Product Video

Company Description

Astech Projects are a leading supplier of robotics and automation solutions to a global customer base and part of the Schauenburg International group of companies; a technology business with more than 30 sites worldwide. Our technology has been adopted by many of the world’s leading companies within Laboratory Automation and Manufacturing Automation, including pharmaceutical, medical device, consumer healthcare, chemical, life sciences, aerospace and automotive. Astech are recognised as a leading automation company for our ability to provide innovative and cost effective automation systems.

 We deliver industrial quality robotics and automation to companies worldwide. We have a reputation for high quality, novel automation developed and delivered within a robust quality framework.

Astech provide a full project life-cycle “From Concept to Completion” and offer a comprehensive system support service called REACTS® providing peace of mind for the lifetime of the system. We hold ISO-9001 and TickITplus accreditation and undergo regular customer and third party quality audits.

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