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Product Information

Ai Atom Wireless Door Control System helps you control the doors (Open / Close) when the robots need to pass thru a door (ex: Warehouse doors) or you can use these relays for various automations that needs to be performed in combination with MIR Robots.

The Relay system has multiple uses as it is a relay that can be easily controlled by the I/O zones in the map:

  • Control the opening / closing of a door.

  • Control a Light Tower.

  • Control a signalling system on the intersections or crossroads.

  • Control a Buzzer / Siren / Loudspeaker.

  • Control an actuator.

  • Control another equipment – Ex: another PLC.

  • Control a Conveyor.

  • Based on the given name, the sensor relay is mapped to its correspondent PLC number from the robots.
  • All robots in the fleet can be the trigger for action.
  • Basic usage is to draw an I/O module zone on the map – assign the PLC number to be the same as of the sensor (ex: 150), set the entry and exit values (ex: Entry action = Set PLC 150 to 1 and Exit action = Set PLC 150 to 0).
AI Door Control System

Technical Details

  • Compatible with: MiR100, MiR200, MiR250, MiR500, MiR600, MiR1000, MiR1350

  • The Wireless Relay is equipped with a convenient 230V power adapter (included). 

  • It requires Wi-Fi network to communicate with MIR Fleet, Server and Robots. 

  • AI Atom Basic (software to manage Push Buttons, Presence Sensors, Relays, KNX Systems, Dashboards, I/O Modules, Warehouse Door Control, Conveyor Controls, etc.) as a prerequisite. 

  • Fully integrated with MIR Fleet. 

  • Buttons can be pre-configured (for convenience and ease of deployment) or they can be configured via the built-in web interface. 

  • Enclosure dimension - 75.8/75.8/31 (mm). 

  • Enclosure colour – Black / White. 

  • Enclosure material – ABS. 

Company Description

Ai Automation Initiative is focused on Automation, Digitization, Internet-of-Things, Industrial-Internet-of-Things, AGV/AMR/IGV robots integration, development of interfaces between machines and ecosystems, development and marketing of various controllers and sensors.