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MiR250 MiR Go


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Product Information

With logiSHELF | Frame consists of logiCARRY with a basic framework with binder to transport customized buildups.


Technical Details

  • Compatible with: MiR100, MiR200

  • Maximum payload MiR100: 300 Kg

  • Maximum payload MiR200: 500 Kg

  • Size of the base plate: 880 x 800 x 477 mm

  • The base plate is available in aluminium, multiplex or plastic

  • With side hanger

Company Description

Smart Robotics was founded in 2015. Smart Robotics is a 100% subsidiary of ESCAD Group headquartered in Pfullendorf. Our experts of engineering and Robotic cooperate, to combine the strength of both. Now you have innovative robots which are part of the industry 4.0 and developed AI, with the know-how of manufacturing and mounting to create the best solution for our customer.

ESCAD Group stands for excellent service, because we care about our customers. Our customer tells us wishes, expresses conditions and make a decision – we do the rest.  Our specialists in automation of production help you from the construction, consulting to lean management up to the mounting. Furthermore, we supply our customers with products, service, support and spare parts for collaborative robots such as MiR.“

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